Our ambassadors

Cambusier traditionally–produced liqueurs can be considered the ambassadors of the worldwide famous French quality and know how.
Because they were tasted by the most important people of French gastronomy who very much appreciated them, our Liqueur House decided to invite them to join in our adventure.

Fabrice Sommier

Fabrice Sommier

Meilleur Ouvrier de France,
Groupe George Blanc

Cambusier offers you a “tour de France” liqueurs while staying in your glass, a real gourmet pleasure

For 25 years, M. Fabrice Sommier has been contributing to the development and expertise of French sommellerie.

Born in Châteauroux, in the Berry region, he became interested in the hotel business at a very early age. Indeed, since childhood, he had been introduced and educated in developing his taste and gourmet qualities working with his parents and grandparents.

After working as chief sommelier in a two-star Michelin restaurant, Mr Sommier joined the famous George Blanc group for which he is still working today.

Thanks to hard work and dedication, he was awarded the prestigious title of “Meilleur ouvrier de France – sommelier” (best skilled craftsman in France – sommelier) in 2007. Soon after that, he also won the competition for “The Master of Port” and was awarded the title of “Sommelier of the Year” by the renowned restaurant guide Gault et Millau.

Christian Le Squer

Christian Le Squer

Chef cuisinier 3 étoiles,
Le Cinq, Hôtel George V

The various fragrances of Cambusier liqueurs allow me to create a flow of flavours in my sweet and savory dishes.

Just like a fashion designer or a perfumer, Christian Le Squer creates and blends his preparations to enhance them and develop very specific flavours in a very coherent manner.


He grew up in Brittany where he discovered French cuisine with the preparation of simple food such as fresh fish and local vegetables. His love for gastronomy led him to Paris where he discovered the haute cuisine, the famous restaurants and luxury hotels which would be a source of inspiration for him all along his life.

Chef Christian Le Squer is world famous for his faultless regularity, having won 3 stars in the Michelin guide for 12 consecutive years.

In 2014, he decided to take up a new challenge. He joined the “Le Cinq” restaurant in the George V hotel in Paris with a sole objective : winning a third star. He received it in 2016 and has kept it up to this day.

Christophe Davoine

Christophe Davoine

Meilleur Ouvrier de France
Barman 2015

Cambusier promotes the traditional craftsmanship of French liqueur makers who achieve excellence in taste thanks to a delicate and precise mixture of ingredients.

For more than 15 years, Christophe Davoine has been working in the catering business; to start with, at Disneyland, Paris, then as manager of the bars at the famous “The Peninsula” hotel in Paris, and, last but not least, as chief bartender at the “Hotel de Crillon”.

Today, Mr Davoine has varied occupations : advising, creation, event management and training. He is very keen on passing on and sharing his knowledge. Thanks to hard work and his solid experience, he has taken part in several national and international competitions all over the world, and, in 2015, he was awarded the prestigious title of “Meilleur ouvrier de France – barman” (best skilled worker in France – bartender).

Mr Davoine still pays a lot of attention to detail, which he was taught in the luxury hotels where he worked . He also pays a lot of attention to human relationships, which makes him a fascinating man.

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